Adding Stamps

One of the most important and fundamental features in drawMD are the stamps. Watch the video or read the guide below to get the most of your stamps in drawMD!

1) Open any template from the templates tab in the app

2) Tap the circular button in the lower right corner.

3) Tap the ‘Stamps’ button.

4) Scroll through the stamp list to view and chose the stamp you want to apply to the canvas.

Tapping a stamp places a copy of it onto the background image.

5) Stamps can be resized, rotated and moved. To edit a stamp, tap (or click) to select the stamp. You will see a box appear around a stamp once it is selected.

Tap ‘Edit’ to move, rotate or resize a stamp. The box around the stamp will change colors indicating it is active and editable. To move the stamp, just drag the stamp to any location on the template.

To rotate the stamp, click and hold on the circle in the stamp box and drag it in a circular motion to rotate - release when it’s positioned as desired.

To resize the stamp, click in any of the highlighted corners and move it towards the center of the box to shrink or outward to enlarge.

Tap ‘Done’ when the stamp is positioned as desired to deactivate it.

6) Finally, to delete a stamp just tap the trashcan icon.