Using Boilerplate Notes

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to create longer notes to attached to your presentations and how to reuse them when you want to say the same thing to a different patient.

Read the guide below or watch this quick video or check out the guide below to help understand the process.

From the side navigation panel tap ‘Templates’ to start from scratch. If you already have a presentation in mind that you’d like to use you can skip ahead and open one of those.

Select the template that you’d like to use.

Create your presentation and then tap ‘Information’

You can not add or save additional notes until the you have saved the presentation. So go ahead and tap ‘Save As’

Give your presentation a name

Pick your presentations from the list.

Tap the ‘Information’ button after opening the presentations, it should look like this. Tap the blue pen button.

Now you can type or paste your notes into the ‘Boilerplate Share Notes’ field.

Tap the green disk icon to save.

Now your longer note as been saved to your presentation.

Tap the ‘Share’ icon.

If you check tohe ‘Presentation Info’ box, you will see the notes you added.

Tap ‘Share’ at the bottom and the email you have configured on your device will open.

Your presentation and the notes you’re sending will be attached in a PDF on the email. Now the next time you wish to use the same notes, just open up that presentation, adjust as needed and share it out again.