Verify and Activate


When you create a new drawMD account, we ask to verify that you are the owner of the email address you provide. There are two good reasons for this:

  1. We want to make sure you entered the email address correctly so that you’ll be able to log into drawMD in the future.
  2. We want to avoid robo-signups using fake email addresses.

The Process

At the end of the online registration process, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

This is where you enter the verification code you will receive via email. If you somehow lose this screen (you close your browser, accidentally navigate away, etc.) you can always get back to it by:

  1. Going to
  2. Enter your email address and password you used to register

You can find the confirmation code in your email inbox. You should have received an email from with a subject line that starts with “Your drawMD code is” similar to the following:

Take the 6 character code from that email and enter it into the confirmation code field back in your browser and press the “Activate Account” button.

That’s it! If you have any troubles just email us at or tap the question button at the bottom of this page.