Easy Login

Ease of Access

We’ve made it easy to get into your Endoscopic Stent Tracker account. This tutorial shows you how to set a PIN, enable touch ID, and use a password manager for faster access to your stent cases. Watch the video above or read the tutorial below to learn how.

1) Password Manager

Tap the ‘Lock’ icon to open your device’s password manager.

Choose your preferred password manager from your device’s menu.

Follow your password manager’s protocol and select the correct credentials. Your username and password will be automatically filled into the correct fields and the ‘Sign In’ button tapped for you.

2) Settings

Tap the ‘Menu’ button in the top left corner.

Tap ‘Settings’

3) Turning on Touch ID and Enable PIN

You can set a PIN by itself by tapping “Enable PIN Access.” Taping “Enable Touch ID Access” will require you to set PIN before enabling touch ID access. Since enabling touch ID does both, we’re going to focus on that for this article, but check out this page if you’re only interested in setting a PIN.

Note: you can only enable Touch ID if your phone has that feature

Toggle the “Enable Touch ID Access”

This will prompt you to set a default four digit PIN. You will pick a four-digit number then confirm it. If you are unable to login with touch ID, the app will default back to a PIN. If you forget your PIN 5 times it will direct you back to the standard login screen.

After successfully setting and confirming your PIN you will be directed back into the settings panel. The toggle when be in the on position and red when your PIN is set.

4) Set Idle Timeout

In this screen, by adjusting ‘Idle Time’ chose after how long of a period of inactivity the app will close and require the PIN or touch ID to open. This only refers to a situation where you leave your phone unlocked, on, and Endoscopic Stent Tracker open.

Example, your enter stent information put you phone down; in 1 minute the app will lock and require the PIN again to open.

If you ever need to reset your PIN just navigate back to ‘Settings’, tap ‘Reset Password’ and following the instructions. 

5) Done!

The next time you attempt to log in and have touch ID enabled it should look like this.