Colors & Dashboard

Colors and Case Dashboard Categories

The dashboard and colors in Endoscopy Stent Tracker are the go-to way to quickly check the status of all your stent cases. It’s an intuitive system, but in case you want to know more about how it works this quick guide will explain what it all means.

The picture below shows a few different cases. Each one of the cases has at least one stent attached to it.

The color of a case is determined by the state of the stents in it and if it’s attached to a patient. The four states of a case are incomplete, indwelling, overdue and extracted. Since a case may have more than one stent, a single case may have multiple states, but only one color.


The color of each stent case reflects the most urgent state of that case.

Red - Overdue

Yellow - Incomplete

Green - Complete

Gray - A patient is attached to the case but no stents are.

1) Red - Overdue

Any case with at least one stent overdue for extraction will be red regardless of the state of the other stent on the case.

2) Yellow - Incomplete

A case will be yellow/incomplete, if one or more stents attached to that case are missing an extraction date or if the case is not connected to a patient and does not have an overdue stent.

A case will be gray/incomplete if it is attached to a patient, but has no stent placed in it.

3) Green - Complete

Cases will be green when they are attached to a patient and all attached stents have an extraction date that is yet to come.


The dashboard gives you a quick view into how many cases you have that fall into one of the five categories represented.

Overdue, Incomplete, Indwelling, Within 2 Weeks, and Extracted

A case will frequently appear in more than one category at a time since it can have more than one state as mentioned above.

Overdue: Only contains cases that have one or more stents that are overdue for extraction.

Incomplete: Any case that has one or more stent that is missing an extraction date. A case not attached to a patient. Or a case attached to a patient, but has no stents placed.

Indwelling: Every case that has a stent will appear in Indwelling.

Within Two Weeks: A case that has one or more stent that needs to be extracted in the next two weeks.

Extracted: Cases with or more extracted stents.