Adding and removing followers

Sometimes you will want to be aware of your colleague’s cases or want them to be aware of your cases. Being a follower on a case makes it easier to find if your organization has a lot of stent cases and will also be included in the follower’s stent tracking email digest.

You can chose to be a follower on a single case or add a follower on a case. You can also change your settings so that a colleague follows every case you make in the future.

1) Default Followers

To make it so that your colleagues follow your cases. Open the side navigation panel and click on ‘Settings’

Then click “Add Default Followers”

Choose a colleague to add as a default follower. That person will now receive updates in their email digest for all the patients you create from now on as well as seeing them in their ‘Patient I Follow’ view.

2) Follow Individual Cases

To follow an individual case or to add a colleague to an individual case, open the case and tap the person icon on the bottom of the case.

Click “Add Follower” to chose a colleague, or yourself, at your organization to follow that case.

To remove someone from that case as a follower click the trashcan icon.

3) Sort By Followers

Managing the cases you follow can help speed up work throughout the app by sorting the list view to only show the cases you actually follow.


By default, you are a follower for all cases you create, but can remove yourself from a case that you created.