Setting a PIN

Setting a PIN

Getting into Endoscopy Stent Tracker can be as easy as entering a four digit PIN. Have a look at the video above for a demonstration on how to set a custom PIN to securely get into the app.

1) Settings

Once you’ve logged in, open the left side-navigation panel and tap the ‘Settings’ button.

2) Toggle Enable PIN to ‘On’ Position

Tap the toggle switch next to ‘Enable PIN’ it will turn red when toggled on.

3) Set PIN

After tapping the toggle, a number pad will open and you will be prompted to create a PIN and then confirm the PIN.

After successfully setting and confirming your PIN you will be dropped back into the settings panel. The toggle when be in the on position and red when your PIN is set.

4) Set Idle Timeout

This setting lets you chose after how long of a period of inactivity the app will close and require the PIN again to open. This only refers to if you leave your phone unlocked, on, and Endoscopy Stent Tracker open.

Example, you enter stent information put you phone down; in 1 minute the app will lock and require the PIN again to open.

Once you have successfully set a PIN, you will no longer be required to enter your username and password to enter the app after sending the app to background or closing it down.

5) Reset PIN

You can change your PIN at a later time by tapping the ‘Reset PIN’ button in the ‘Settings’ tab.