Getting Started

Not sure how to get started in drawMD?

The video above will show you the basics, instructions are written below. Check out more topics to learn more advanced use.

1) Register for an account

To use drawMD you must have an account. Currently there are two types of accounts, Basic (complementary) and Premium ($9.99/month). To read more on account type click here. Account type can be changed easily so don’t worry too much about it. Complete the registration form and continue.

2) Sign in

Sign into the app with your drawMD account. Your account will work on any tablet, phone or web browser and your preferences and work will sync automagically.

3) Adding Content

In the ‘Content Library’ you can add any content pack to your account by clicking ‘ADD’ on any template pack.

To explore what illustrations come with each content pack, click on it to explore it in content pack information screen. You can also add a content pack from this screen by click ‘ADD’.

You can view the template packs you already have in the ‘My Content’ tab of the content library.

4) Templates

To use your templates, open the side navigation panel and tap “Templates”. Here you should see all the content you have added to your device.

6) Personalize

The image you see is the background for that template and you can personalize it with several tools.

To get started personalizing it, tap the floating circular button in the bottom right. There are presently three tools to annotate your drawing, ‘Pen’, ‘Stamps’ ‘Text’. For more information on these tools click here.

7) Tap “Stamps” button…

…and tap a stamp to apply it to the background image.

8) Edit Stamp

Tap the stamp on the canvas to select it and ‘Edit’ to change the position, size or rotation.

9) Pen

Tap the pen tool draw over the images on the template (a white ring will appear around indicating it is activated).

That’s it! The process may seem complicated at first, but after you have the templates you use frequently it’s as simple as opening the app and tapping on a template.