Making a New Case

Create a new case

You have an account and are ready to get started tracking stent cases? Watch the quick video above to learn how to create a new case or read the guide below. The process of creating a new case is more or less the same on mobile and web, only the location of a few of the buttons differ.

1) Start New Case

Once you’ve logged in, click ‘New Case’ or the floating green ‘+’ button. Both will do the same thing.

Alternatively, you can also find a patient in the patient list and create a case for that patient by hitting the floating green ‘+’ in the patient list.

2) Link Patient

After tapping to add a new case, you will be brought to the case detail page. Here you can place a stent and associate the case with a patient. First, let’s add a patient to it by clicking ‘Link to Patient Record’.

A window will open to chose which patient to add to that case. The default view shows all the patients in your organization which you can scroll through to find a patient. You can click the search icon and type to find a specific patient or you can tap the ‘Show only patients I follow’ toggle to show only patients that you follow click here to learn more about followers

If you are adding a new patient, click “New”

After you have successfully connected a patient to a case, you will see their name on the case.

4) Place Stent

Tap either “patient’s left” or “patient’s right” to place the first stent.

Add a date for “Scheduled Extraction” manually or click the icon to the right of “Scheduled Extraction” for some common durations for an indwelling stent.

The ‘Insertion Date’ will default to the current date. Both Insertion Date and Extraction Date can be edited.

If you wish to add more information about the inserted device, click ‘Enter Detail’. On a mobile device you can scan the barcode right on the package to automatically upload product information.

You will see you have successfully placed a stent on a case when see it placed on the diagram. To place a second stent, tap the “+” on the diagram and repeat the same steps.