Stent Barcodes

Scanning Stent Barcodes

Enjoy storing stent product details in the app, but wish entering the details were faster? With the barcode scanner, it’s easy to quickly include all the information about a stent for a new or existing case. Simply scan the barcode and the product information is saved with that case. Watch the brief video above for a demonstration of how to enter product details or read the quick guide below.

Note: The barcode scanner will only work on a mobile device and with Boston Scientific brand stents.

1) Stent placement

Once you’ve logged into the app navigate to the case list to create a new case or click on an existing case you would like to add stent product information to.

2) Open stent information

Tap on a stent placement location or placed stent to open up the side navigation screen.

3) Scan barcode

Tap the ‘Scan Barcode’ button and a the scanner will open using your device’s camera.

Align the red stripe with the barcode. If the device is an approved Boston Scientific stent, the information about the stent will be pulled into the app and saved on that case.

This information can be removed, but not be edited.

If you’d like to enter the information yourself hit ‘Enter Detail’ on a stent to put your own information into the app.